Pakistani children mostly living unhealthily: One in three people in the world is malnourished and the problem exists in every country.

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Sept 16: As per report released yesterday by Global Nutrition Report of 2015 “ Minority of children are growing healthy in Pakistan”

This report is published at the time of United Nations member plan to adopt Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) end of the month

As mentioned in report countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and Nigeria, had only a minority of children who were growing healthily & rest are challenge.

Report depicting poor picture of the global nutrition status and it mentioned no country was on track to achieve the global nutrition targets set by the World Health Assembly.

It also reported as “One in three people in the world is malnourished and the problem exists in every country. Though strategies or `high-impact interventions` available to resolve but were not being implemented due to lack of money, skills or political pressure.”

It has also been established in the report due to changing weather condition; this is leading to further complicate the efforts to end malnutrition.

Minor deviation in climate pattern is having definite impact on food availability and disease patterns. Due to these factors it ultimately effects development of infants and even their survival. In this regard They have quoted example of India; the children who are born during November & December are taller at the age of three than children who are born during April to October.

It also reported more than 160 million children globally under the age of five were too short for their age or stunted, while more than 50 million did not weigh enough for their height or did not survive.

Report take a new turn in the report besides combating malnutrition worldwide in regards to Obesity another form of malnutrition is growing. Obesity prevalence has abnormally increased between 2010 -2014. It reports 1 in 12 adult worldwide now has Type 2 Diabetes.

In Pakistan we are facing double burden and challenge maternal and childhood under nutrition and growing obesity as stated by renown Prof Dr Zulfiqar Bhutta of Aga Khan University and Hospital,

`Nutrition can be a driver of change or a barrier to progress. Action leaders of every country should be taking steps to end malnutrition in all forms,` said the report.

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