Fathers impact in baby life

As father you will have big impact on child life since birth.

Baby First

Below are tips which will help you to great start on fatherhood.

Being father is big event in life, at the time of baby arrival you take off from work to get to know your baby and as helping hand to your wife.

It is lovely experience to start your life as papa. Before arrival of baby you are tempted to get something done in the house to have more safe and sound condition. By this act you start establishing your bonding with the new arrival.

Read more about it on available medium, also discuss and share with young parents. By this ways you have an opportunity to learn more to be effective papa.

After arrival of baby your life pattern changes and you go through intense emotion due to lack of sleep that is common phenomena. Than you start looking how to manage and cope with it. You and your wife are affectionately charge for baby and be ready to share the responsibility and strengthen the bonding.

In mother role, she will create bonding due to breast feeding and hugging during feeding but as a dad you are also going to have strong impact on your baby life. Newborn are there to connect with both of you.

Prepare yourself from day one:

To be involved from day one for routine care of your new arrival such as nappy changing, bathing, dressing and playing whenever you are there. Your active involvement creates lot of opportunity for one to one contact and eye contact; this will develop strong bonding & will act as building block for affectionate love. Secondly this will create an opportunity for mother to be relax and have a break for a while,

Help your wife at breast feeding:

WHO & Doctors strongly recommend Breast milk is the best food for baby for 1-6 month.

You have to provide practical support to your wife at the time of breast feeding such as holding your wife, providing her glass of water/juice if needed. Provide maximum comfort to your partner to feed the baby very calmly for better flow of milk. If your partner communicates you she cannot breast feed or not having sufficient quantity, you have to reassure her and consult with the doctor or nurse urgently. If it is very essential than bottle feeding will be started and formula milk will be added.

Relationship through touching or holding:

With touching physically baby you will establish bond with newborn. This will also give baby a feeling of safety and security. As father you can carry or hold baby across your chest, baby will hear your heart beat. Your baby brain development will be stimulated with these activities.

Play and talk to your baby:

Be caring and loving at all the time, you talk to the baby while in your lap or changing cloth or nappy. Normally baby cry during changing cloth or nappy and console her in soft voice that job will be finished soon. Every conversation baby hear will develop language and increase baby learning and strong relationship in terms of voice recognition. In later stage and age of baby telling story, singing poetry and reading books will further strengthen bonding.

Remain focus to understand your baby.

Baby normally hint and give signal / clues for what they need also by their body language and behavior. Initially it is difficult to read as father but paying attention and overtime period you read the indication and know how to respond to the baby needs.

Staying alone and spending time with baby:

One to one interaction, this focus time you spend with your baby is very vital. Always avail this to strengthen your bonding. This will provide an opportunity for both of you to remain connected with each other. This opportunity arises when baby is awake, you change his cloth or sooth baby when is crying by holding her in your lap.

Manage your Relationship:

With arrival of baby your attention will be more on new arrival and this may lead to ignoring your spouse. At this time you need to have balance in your relationship and be more considerate. Your partner is under immense pressure because her routine change and sleep pattern are highly disturb because she has to breast feed with shorter intervals every 3-4 hour, nappy changes, beside other services render by her as per need of baby.

Lastly it is also important that you take care of yourself, with arrival of baby you are also under stress and may strain your relationship with your wife. You both need to stay positive and share responsibility with mutual understanding.

– by Mahmood Hussain, 27 September 2015

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