Baby First Day at Montessori or School

First day of school is excited moments for child & parent.

Baby First

The first day at school is definitely a very exciting moment for both, parents and the child itself.

It is natural and normal phenomena child is highly motivated, excited as well as worried.

Baby will be away from home for just a few hours, the first day of school is a big step for most of the parent.

The parent & especially mother’s has been most of the time with baby till now and for the first time he/she will be away from dear one for few hours. Secondly child will spent time with stranger and new faces.

Due to these reasons you are passing through mixture of emotions but it is very important not to pass on these emotions to your child, because they are very receptive.

Most of the time child settles nicely and quickly in school, if it is not so than don’t worry, few of the children may take longer time to settle. You have to understand that every child has different nature and they behave differently but ultimately children do settle. Child start enjoying with their class mates as well as teacher.

Learning process has stated such as:

  • How to make friends
  • Independence
  • Enjoy and share feeling with teacher and nanny.
  • Participate in routine activities
  • Start Learning how to share
  • Start learning how to live independently
  • Liking for school

It has been observe generally child do get settle well in first session but few child may get upset and not willing to go to school after winter or midterm break. If this is the case do bring the child to school. Your child is upset and may be crying and don’t want to leave you. It is recommended not to stay in class room otherwise this will upset your child more. What has been observed after few moments child will stop crying if you have left the class.

Children are highly adaptable and adjust quickly in new atmosphere,

Right age for going to school by the children is very difficult to define.

All children are different and it is to be judge by parent as per their child development and growth. As a parent you are the best judge when to send your child to school.

Now a day’s parent wants to send their children at very early age, especially I observed this trend in big cities of Pakistan. This has been observed in few cases, during pregnancy mother have to get their incoming child registered in their choice and well known Montessori.

A new trend has also evolved in few cases mothers have to enroll herself to attend classes during pregnancy to start learning phase for child in womb, than they can find a seat for their incoming child at the right age as define by respective school..

It is good for both the child and you to pick and drop for initial few days. Mostly Montessori school also have shorter day initially for a week, this help both the child and parent to ease their anxieties. Secondly this help in building acquaintance and familiarizing child in new environment. Talk to your child about school going and assure child you will be back soon to pick him / her up.

Talk to your baby to enjoy and have fun with your new friend in school and especially in your class. Your assurance most of the time works.

 Below mentioned few tips which will be helpful in this transition phase.

It is essential that your child should be potty trained and able to communicate or give indication when she / he is need of it. Class teacher have many children to manage and don’t have time or resource to pay individual attention all time. You have to train your child to communicate to the teacher his/her need. You have to make sure, your child clothes are comfortable which she or he is wearing in term of comfortable with zip or buttons and so on.

Child start going to school will develop new relationship and make friends. Give value and ensure positive encouragement to this new relationship. If possible invite new friends to your home to further strengthen their relationship.

Ask him and listen ver carefully what he learned today in school, what teachers has taught today. With your positive and encouraging attitude your child will develop positive attitude and confidence.

For smooth transition during first to second week, you try to avoid any conflicting schedules which may be late working hours or going out or attending party or late marriage functions

At the time of purchasing goods for your child, such as clothing, school bag, lunch box, stationary box, school uniform, shoes etc. Please ensure your child can use it easily and comfortably. While purchasing water bottle please make sure it don’t leak and can be easily open and close. Any un-comfort or hassle in using things may trigger anxiety or panic in your child. Please ensure to practice once or twice with your child how to use these in school.

Spend few minutes in the evening. Your child initially needs few extra minutes from you in the evening and this devotion can make a big difference. During this time ask to share his / her experience in school, play with baby, or read a good story and also sing a nursery rhyme.

You also have to look at his school bag and work he has done in school, praise the work done by the child because baby is beginner and learning. If any home assignment given to him/her please to do encourage & help him to finish it.

Written by: Mahmood Hussain October 07, 2015

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