Growth Patterns in Your New Baby

What to Look for in the First Three Months

A responsive, active and energetic baby catches everyone’s eye and gets the attention from all around. But no baby is born this way. The first three months are the most crucial in terms of infant development since a newborn undergoes a series of developmental changes; from balancing their neck upright to reacting mildly to certain conditions. However, your role as a new parent is the most important through the first couple of weeks to ensure normal growth for the baby.

During this period, you will notice that your child will steadily take hold of his neck and begin lifting it slowly while lying on his tummy.

baby growth pattern

baby growth pattern

His stretches will lengthen as well as he will become more active and perhaps, kick you more frequently too! And of course, these are joys of becoming a parent; having a baby kick you in the middle of the night when you’re fast asleep after a whole day of hefty work!

You will also begin to notice that your child has started following you with his eyes and he’s responding to your gestures in a likeable or dislikeable way.

This means that he’s set out on the road to a steady growth, as his reactions to different circumstances begin to increase. All you can do while your baby is undergoing these changes is to provide him with immeasurable love. Cuddle him tight and pay attention to his responses.

Babies develop their senses faster when parents sit down, respond and talk to them. Babies love being appreciated, so no matter what your child is up to, he should always see a supportive and smiling you when he turns back!

By this time, you should also be settled with a (not so punctual) routine for your kid. Developing your baby’s sense of time and routine is also your forte, hence work around a practice that will help you keep your daily chores at place, as well as inculcate the same habits in your child.

Infants are very sensitive to vibes hence keep a healthy environment around your kid. If he falls to tears, do not ignore him since he might get hurt and you may not even realize it. This is a very delicate yet beautiful process which involves a lot of practice that comes from unlimited trial and error.

If you notice that your child is not responding the way a three month old infant is supposed to, then that should ring alarm bells! Improvement in head control, extreme floppiness, minimal or no response to voice or visuals and improper weight are some of the situations that need to be addressed right away.

Also, bear in my mind that every baby is different. Just like how every individual is different in adapting and adjusting to circumstances, even babies show uniqueness in their behavior! This is where your role comes in. Your role as their parent; the only entity who knows them in and out, better than anyone in the world.

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