Baby Crying, how to make her comfortable

Young baby crying is powerful tool of communication

Baby First

It is normally common baby cries and in this way baby is communicating something is worrying her and she needs help. As parent you are awake in the midnight because your baby is crying and you fail understand the cause. At this time your objective is to make baby comfortable. Secondly sleep patterns are also disturbed.


Calm your baby by soothing voices:

If you have tried few sounds that really working, please remember it and store in your memory to replay when desire.

Most of the time baby stop crying as you pick her in your lap or walk while holding baby near to your chest this generate slow rhythmic motion.

Babies also respond to familiar voices, such as you sing poetry or a gentle lullaby or quietly humming while you hold her. Make her lies on your chest and hear your heart beat, she is familiar with voice while she was in womb.

Slow and rhythmic motion can also be made while placing baby in rocking chair or slow motion swing or placing your baby in stroller and go for a walk.

You have to make sure to avoid loud noises which may makes your baby cry or uncomfortable.

Your gentle personal touch provides comfort:

Slowly pat on her back or wrap her in sheet or blanket make baby feel comfortable.

Luke warm water bath also help to sooth baby.

Bring her close to your body she can hear heart sound /beat for which she was familiar when in the womb.

Dr. Harvey Karp MD, a pediatrician advices using 5S’s technique which is reproduced below. It is known a mix of fuss busting technique. Ultimate objective of these techniques is to make your crying baby comfortable.

Try one of these or more in time of need:

  1. Wrapping or draping or Swaddling
  2. Side/stomach soothing – lay baby on her side or stomach. Use this when your baby’s colicky, but don’t leave her unwatched. And never put her to sleep on her side or stomach – always lay her on her back.
  3. “Shhhing” sounds
  4. Swinging
  5. Sucking (feed her, or give her a pacifier if it became very essential)

One very important advice to parents, it is essential you remain calm and compose in this situation. Catch some sleep while baby is sleeping or finish most of the jobs whilee baby is sleeping. All above 5S’s technique recommended by Dr. Harvey Karp will calm your baby and likely stop crying.

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